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Backpacking Guide to China

A place in chinaEver fancied taking the plunge and exploring one of the most fascinating countries in the world with the freedom to go wherever your heart desires? Then backpacking in China is definitely up your street! The country offers the best of both worlds: huge bustling cities that never sleep with millions of people on the one hand and small rural villages with the most spectacular scenery and cultural attractions on the other. Backpacking is the ideal way of getting to see both sides of this amazing country as it enables you to move more freely from place to place.

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Traditional Chinese Make-up Application

China has a distinct style and cultureLearning to paint your face in a traditional Chinese manner takes a little bit of practice in order to perfect the art. When you first try achieving this look, ask a cosmetics representative or look online for some makeup samples to try at home so you can learn the techniques you need without wasting too much product.

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Luxury Resorts in China

A luxurious lobby of a hotel in China.To match up with China’s Meteoric development a lot of luxury resorts have come up since 1994. Some of the new hotels in the city have been successful to garner prestigious awards across the globe and had made its mark on the market. Most of the China’s smorgasbord hotels are found in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Luxury resorts have also come up in smaller cities like Guilin and Hangzhou. These resorts have been triumphant in contributing to the growth of the country.

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China’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations

China is a land full of popular tourist hotspotsYou cannot think of a place that is exotic and bursting with authentic traditions and culture without China coming to mind. Tourists flock to each of China’s large provinces every year to eye the beautiful scenery, the awe-inspiring historical sites, and the cultural richness that this country is known for.

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China’s Luxury Spas

A towel, some stones and some bamboo leaves.The Chinese luxury spa market is experiencing tremendous growth. China’s spas efficiently service consumers seeking a wellspring of relaxation and holistic therapies. Renowned for their effortless fusion of traditional and cosmetic applications, China’s 1.72 million luxury spas have a deservedly enviable reputation.
Typical luxury spa treatments include massage, hydrotherapy, body and image building, Traditional Chinese Medicine, anti-cellulite treatments, cosmetic laser and slimming treatments. Popular beauty treatments include skin whitening, anti-ageing, blemish removal, manicures, pedicures and cleansing treatments.

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Relaxing holidays in China

The yin yang symbol on sand.If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in China, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the usual city destinations, in beautiful sunspots, with white sandy beaches and tropical climate, such as Hainan Island, “China’s Hawaii”. Perhaps you would like to combine such a relaxing holiday with some shopping in the Fujian province at Xiamen. You can combine your shopping sprees with a gentle beach holiday in a mild climate and enjoy the romantic architecture and clear waters.

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China’s Most Famous Historical Landmarks

The Great Wall in china and nature.There are famous landmarks spread across China, both man-made and natural treasures such as the Huang Long (Yellow Dragon) and Muni Gorge, in south-west China in Sichuan. The most famous of the historical landmarks is, of course, the Great Wall of China.

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